Sunday, March 29, 2009

i'm no adversary

i've been labeled a fraud over on youtube, and now i'm an adversary. what it is with these people and labels? why can't they label peeps nicely? can't they talk about my nice pirate picture? my clever use of pirate slang? the way i can type in multiple a's in one breath? aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

my mother used to quote the rabbit on bambi who said if you don't have something nice to say about someone then talk about them on the internet. or something to that effect.

anyway i am really torqued by this whole charade. its all very disconcerting and unavailable. makes me head swim, it does. argh.

the preceding was my attempt to emulate a typical online rant by my adversary, but in a somewhat more clever way. we hope you enjoyed our production of RANT!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Frauds! Malcontents! N'er do wells!

arrr! shiver me timbers! now they've gone and done it.

the landlubbers who pulled "Religious Review Multimedia" up out o' their heads but had nothing to back it up that there was such an animal have gone and pilfered themselves into the utube! arr, i'll not be linking it, but if ye feel the need, ye may go and look up religious review multimedia over on utube, and you'll see what the skaliwags are up to.


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

sniff sniff

sorry but i feel some crying coming on. now over on the youtube they're talking trash about us. it makes us feel sad when people pretending to be a part of a multimedia print organization called religous review calls someone else who is pretending to be a part of a multimedia print organization called religious review a fraud. dudes, there's plenty of this love to go around! don't play so selfish. or shellfish.

but now there's something new on the horizon... over at, someone calling himself "Micah" (yah, like we'd really believe that name to be real...) has stated that there IS a "religious review website" and that he's going to be posting some informative videos upon said website. this should be interesting. NOT.

anyone want to place a wager about the date that such a website might have been created? if it's before our lovely blog went up, i will be extremely surprised and will maybe eat my size 11 chuck conners live on what does the bible say while debating johnny robertson on the price of eggs in china.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Pot and Kettle...

over on youtube, we got us some buzzing bees claiming that religiousreview is a fraud! i've never been so insulted in all my life... calling us a fraud? this coming from people who pulled "religiousreview" out of a dark body orifice in the first place?

do they have a blog? no...
do they have a website? no...
do they have a television program? no...
do they have a printing press? nope...
do they have kid pretending to be a journalist for a non-existent organization called "religious review"? YES!

if i didn't know better, i'd say we were all being punkd.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Religious Review Press?

So now the dudes over in churchofChristland have changed the name of their fake multimedia organization to "Religious Review Press"? That is what Johnny Robertson called it on his TV show tonight. Now they're a publishing house?

These dudes are hard to keep up with.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

When I Get There...

Finally, the Church of Christ guys have uploaded something useful on their youtube site. Thanks, studyjesus, for putting up something I can agree with! What a great clip from Kirk Franklin and the choir - "When I Get There".

Kirk and the choir get two thumbs up from Religious Review blog! And thanks again to studyjesus for introducing us to this marvelous worship!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Too good to last

Intrepid blogger, Chris Knight, is reporting over at his blog ( that James Oldfield was once again misusing the "Religious Review" name last night, dragging it through the mud and dirt of his dishonesty and deception.  And then, after Johnny Robertson's second cousin has dirtied and sullied the good name, he tries sticking a dress on it and calling it pretty.

Maybe we should pull our own "Religious Review" on these guys.  It would be an interesting little experiment.  

Or who knows?  Maybe we won't.  After all, we do have other things to do with our time, like figuring out just what to wear to an inauguration ball.